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Vinted: Love preloved clothing

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Today I want to talk about a website called Vinted. Many of you might not have heard about it but it's an amazing website for clothing. I am a self diagnosed shopaholic, I just love buying new clothes all the time. The only problem with this, is one little word: MONEY. Money is quite tight for me at the moment, some of you may have read that I currently work as an apprentice, which doesn't come with a great salary. So, for me, having little money and wanting so many beautiful clothes is slightly getting to me. That was until I found Vinted.

Vinted is a site similar to Depop. It's where girls can sell their unwanted/unworn clothes and others can buy them at an amazing price. Since starting my new job I haven't walked into Topshop, River Island or Zara purely because I couldn't afford them, but because of Vinted I can afford items from all of these brands and more.  I've even stumbled upon Kurt Geiger shoes on here selling for £30 and with the tiniest bit of wear on them. I've managed to get rid of unwanted clothes from my wardrobe that I haven't worn in years and at the same time I've been able to update my wardrobe. I will be doing a seperate post on the bargains that I've managed to obtain, but that will be in the New Year as I'm actually waiting for a couple of items to come in the post! Eee it's exciting.

When you first sign up to Vinted, you can chose to sign up with either an e-mail or facebook. I used facebook as you can share your 'items for sale' with a click of a button. It's free to sign up and you only have to pay a small amount after you've made a sale. 
This is what the homepage looks like, you get a 'news feed' of items that have recently been uploaded onto the site, as you can see there's an item from Topshop, Boohoo and Miss Selfridge on there.

I thought I'd share with you my 'favourites' list. This is a list of items that I've 'liked. I normally create a favourites list of around 20 items, this month I've gone a bit mad and liked 33 but nevermind! I always have every intention of buying an item once I've favourited it. I think it's nice to have a list of items there in front of me as I can create outfits and work out what I'd wear with certain items.

So, here are a few of my current favourites.

I am in love with all of these items. This gives you an idea of what great bargains you can find on this site and how this really is an affordable way of updating your wardrobe. Most items on here have either been worn once or still have the tags on. 
Here are the links to all the items I have above
Motel Rocks Sequin Dress
Forever 21 Cami Top
New Look Statement Necklace
New Look Skinny Jeans
Missguided Faux Fur Coat
ASOS Skater Dress
Missguided Halter Neck Jumpsuit
River Island White Shift Dress

I am in love with the Motel Rocks green sequin dress on the top left. It's a beautiful colour and an absolute steal at £25.00 considering it is still selling at £58.00 on the Motel Rocks website. 
I love the pink cami top too, I'd pair this one with the New Look skinny jeans and some nice nude heels for when I go out for a couple of drinks. Plus, these two items together come under £20. 

If you're on a tight budget or want to make room in your wardrobe then Vinted is definitely the website to go to. I was a bit sceptical about it at first but after making 18 sales and buying 21 items I really do trust this site. If theres ever a problem with a sale, whether you're the buyer or seller, the vinted team are always there to help you out to resolve any issue you may have.

You can also download the app for this website. Simply search for Vinted on your app store.

To go to the webiste and sign up please click here.

Happy Bargain hunting!



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