Sunday, 28 September 2014

Daily Posts

Hello Everyone!

Just so you are all aware, I will and am finding it difficult to post daily.
I am loving blogging, however, I feel that most people wont understand the reason why I can't do a daily blog. 

I have a full time job working 9-5 monday to friday, I dont get home until 6pm, I also go to the gym as well as spending time with my boyfriend and friends. So most of the time, I am no where near my laptop and I don't like blogging from my phone, I feel that I can't write with the same feelings as I can from when I am shut off from everything at home. 

I will try to blog as much as I can but I do find it difficult sometimes to keep this updated and I feel that people are put off when you don't blog daily. 

If I did a daily blog, the content would be no where as in depth as what I have started doing, which is not what I want to do. I want to keep the content full and interesting and I don't want to lose that by making sure I'm posting daily.

So, what are your thoughts?



Saturday, 27 September 2014

What's in my handbag?

Hello everyone!

Have you ever had that moment whilst in your local drugstore/high end cosmetic brand and didn't know whether to try a product just in case it didn't suit you?

Well, now you don't need to... 

About a month ago I signed up to a page called 'What's in my handbag?' its a website dedicated to showing you what fashion editors, make up artists, designers, celebrities and CEO's of skincare products etc have in their own handbags. It allows you to see what products these ladies currently use and what they think about each product!

By signing up to this website I am able to see the entire collection of one brands cosmetic products. I can see whats new and what other members think about each product, there's also an option to say whether you 'have' or 'want' a product. On each 'whats in my handbag?' there is a chance for you to try a product*

I've received samples of Dior perfume, Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer, Rapidlash Mascara and more! I think this website is amazing for helping you find new products to try out for yourselves before you decide to splash out on a product.

I always have a look at the member reviews section in this website too, it's a brilliant way to find out what other people thought of certain products. 

Sign up is easy and FREE! You just have to fill out a couple of details and you're good to go.

But don't take my word for it, go and try it out for yourselves!
*Subject to availability and is for a limited time only.



Thursday, 25 September 2014

Black and White

Hello everyone!
Since I left my previous job in a convenience store I dont see my friends as much as I used to, with our working hours being completely different. So a much needed girls night out was on the cards! It's been a very long time since I've been out for drinks with my friends, as I'm trying to save my money when and where I can so we usually just go for a meal somewere or catch up at each others homes. 

I love the whole getting ready part of a night out, having everyone around helping each other to get ready, endless amounts of clothes on the floor/bed as we all change our outfits multiple times. I'm usually the one to help out with the outfits, I like adding on accesories and choosing statement jewellery. 

This night out was planned about two months ago, however, me being me completely forgot about it until a few nights before.  I had literally just cleared out my wardrobe of dresses that were either too big for me or I didnt wear so I had nothing to wear! It was a girls worst nightmare! So, I had to quickly dash up to the shopping mall near me and run about like a headless chicken trying to find a dress. 


I picked out this black shift dress from River Island for £25, it has cut out shoulders which for me is very different to what I would normally pick.  I dont usually show off my arms when I go out as I'm quite self concious of them. However, in this dress I wasn't actually bothered by them.
 I'm a size 10-12 and I normally buy dresses in a size 12 to make sure I'm comfortable in them. This dress however is a size 10 and very loose on me, I could have probably gotten away with buying a size 8 in this (wow I feel tiny!)  The sleeves on this come up quite low, not as far down to my elbow but it's a comfortable length. The overall length of the dress is quite short (I did wear my little tiny shorts on underneath just incase!) and normally I would constantly be on high alert on how high up my dress was, but I didnt so it was so nice to feel this comfortable in a dress. 

I borrowed this necklace from one of my friends as I felt it would look good against my dress. Having a plain dress I felt that I could have used a big statement necklace. I dont usually wear plain dresses so I wanted something 'pretty' on me. The necklace is a collection of white/cream coloured flowers on a small thin chain. I think this necklace finishes the look. It was bought from New Look but unfortunately I don't know how much it cost.

The shoes that I wore were from New Look as well, I bought them about two/three years ago for £9! Got to love a bargain :) I wear these shoes a lot as they are stupidly comfy and as they're black they go with a lot of my outfits. They cover the top of my feet but have cut out parts which make them look very pretty. Definitely one of my favourite pairs of shoes!

So there you are, my outfit for my most recent night out :)



Monday, 22 September 2014

My top five drugstore Lipsticks

Hi guys!

I thought I'd show you my top five drugstore lipsticks. These are just on my own personal preference, I'm not one for very bright colours (I'm not that adventurous just yet!) I mostly stick with neutrals. All of these lipsticks can be found in your local Boots or Superdrug store, I mainly go to Boots for make up apart from when I'm after a certain brand.

Bourjois Paris - Shine 26
Bourjois Paris - Shine 22
Bourjois Paris - Rouge Edition 04
Rimmel London - Lasting Finish by Kate Moss - 107
Barry M - 156

 My favourite out of all five of these lipsticks has to be the Bourjois Paris - Rouge Edition 04 (centre), its a perfect neutral colour for me. I'm no where near adventurous enough to wear bright lipsticks for everyday wear. This is perfect for when I'm in work a
s if it does wear off, it's not so noticeable. 

The Bourjous Paris - Shine 26 is a neutral colour with a slight pink pigment to it. As the name suggest it is a shine lipstick so this is a definite no-go if you're after a matte look. I tend to swap between this lipstick and the Bourjois Paris - Rouge Edition for day to day wear as they are both neutral colours. I tend to do more with my eyes than my lips when it comes to make up.

I wear the Bourjois Paris - Shine 22 normally on nights out, I'll only put this on lightly as it is quite a heavy lipstick, you really dont need to layer it on. 

I sometimes mix the Rimmel London and Barry M lipsticks to create a deep burgundy colour, which I really do love. With it coming up to winter time I'm starting to get back into my darker lipstick shades. 

I think it's time I went shopping for some darker shades, I am tempted to try out some deeper red colours. I'm not after the bright red colours, being a red head I find it a bit difficult sometimes to wear certain shades of red on my lips. 

If anyone has any recommendations on autumnal shades for me I'd really appreciate it if you could comment below. I'm on the lookout myself for some as I want to start wearing more lipstick on a daily basis. 



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Sunday, 21 September 2014

My after-gym-skincare routine

That was a bit of a mouthful, but yes, I have a post workout skincare routine. This is before I head home after a gruelling workout. I started back at one of the gyms in my area quite recently after having a year off, and I thought about how I never used to moisturise or ex-foliate my skin after my workout until I got home. I would have a shower and wash my hair and that would be it. So I created a little body skincare regime that I would be able to do at the gym and not have to do later on at night. So here you go, this is my after-gym-workout routine!

I absolutely love Soap and Glory products, thankfully my friends and family know this very well, so pretty much every year for christmas and my birthday you can bet on me recieving something from the Soap and Glory range. This means that I have an everlasting stock of these products. 

I start off with washing my hair first, as I think that if I wash my body with scented products, I feel that my shampoo and conditioner takes away the nice-ness (yes I just made that word up) of the body products. So hair is done first. I use shampoo and conditioner at home that is specifically for my hair, as my hair is coloured red and is dip dyed blonde/yellow/kind of gingery colour. I am using the V05 give me moisture range as my hair is a little dried out from the ombre hair dye that I used. I have used this product for a very long time now and it really does help when my hair is damaged. After a gym workout obviously my hair is full of sweat so I wash my hair with the shampoo twice, I dont put a massive amount into my hands as I don't want to be shoving loads of product onto my hair. Once all the shampoo is out I put a small amount of conditioner onto my hair starting at the ends as that is where the most damage is. I'll leave this on for a couple of minutes to try and lock in as much moisture as I can.

I use the Sugar Crush Fresh and Foamy Body Wash. This is the 250ml bottle which fits perfectly in my little wash bag. I love the smell of this product it just smells so sweet and lovely, I could go on and on about the smell of this. Seriously, if you haven't tried this product, you really should be going out to your local drugstore and buying this. It has; Lime oil, coolcapsule X, Kiwi Juice water and a skin softening omega-rich veggie oil. Now if that doesn't get you wanting it I don't know what will. I use this body wash everytime I have a shower, it makes my skin smell so good and feel really soft. I love it. Unfortunately I think this size bottle is only available in the gift sets that come out around Christmas time. However, you can buy the larger size bottle which is 500ml from Boots and it costs £6.50.

 After all the body wash has gone I use Soap and Glory's Flake Away which is a shea butter, sugar and peach seed spa body polish. It smells AMAZING. I use this on my legs as there is nothing worse than scaly dry legs ladies! I do not recommend using this after shaving your legs because there are little ex-foliating beads in this that can sting your skin if there are any abrasions or irritated skin - I'm speaking from experience here, never will I put this on after shaving! This product I absolutely swear by for making your skin feel amazing and so smooth. I always recommend this to all of my friends, it's one of my key staples for my shower routine. You can buy this from Boots for £8.00 for this size tub (300ml) or you can buy a travel size tub which is 50ml and costs £2.50 from Boots.

Finally, once I'm all dried off I use this to moisturise my skin. This is the Sugar Crush Moisture extreme re-energising body buttercream. Wow that's another mouthful! This is the same smell as the body wash as  it uses Lime oils. Smells so lovely and makes your skin super smooth. I have about three tubs of this because I love it so much, plus it lasts forever and I don't think my family realise that I dont actually use a lot of this. This costs £10.50 for a 300ml tub, which yes is a bit costly, but when it lasts for so long I think it's definitely a good buy!

So there you go! My after-gym-skincare routine!



A little introduction.

Hello there,

Thank-you for visiting my page.

I think I should start my blog off with a little 'about me' to allow you guys to see what to expect from my blog and to get to know me a little.

My name, is Sophie. I am 22 years old and I live near to Birmingham.

I created this blog so I could talk about what I thought of products and my favourite items that I've recently bought. There's only so much you can write on facebook and I feel people wouldn't appreciate this on that type of social network.

I am a bargain hunter and can't resist a deal when I see one, so expect to see lots of deals from when I've gone out shopping and think that everyone should be able to see what they can get for their money.

Expect to see high street shopping and drug store make up hauls on here, as well as the parts about my life and what I am doing/looking forward to!





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