Monday, 22 September 2014

My top five drugstore Lipsticks

Hi guys!

I thought I'd show you my top five drugstore lipsticks. These are just on my own personal preference, I'm not one for very bright colours (I'm not that adventurous just yet!) I mostly stick with neutrals. All of these lipsticks can be found in your local Boots or Superdrug store, I mainly go to Boots for make up apart from when I'm after a certain brand.

Bourjois Paris - Shine 26
Bourjois Paris - Shine 22
Bourjois Paris - Rouge Edition 04
Rimmel London - Lasting Finish by Kate Moss - 107
Barry M - 156

 My favourite out of all five of these lipsticks has to be the Bourjois Paris - Rouge Edition 04 (centre), its a perfect neutral colour for me. I'm no where near adventurous enough to wear bright lipsticks for everyday wear. This is perfect for when I'm in work a
s if it does wear off, it's not so noticeable. 

The Bourjous Paris - Shine 26 is a neutral colour with a slight pink pigment to it. As the name suggest it is a shine lipstick so this is a definite no-go if you're after a matte look. I tend to swap between this lipstick and the Bourjois Paris - Rouge Edition for day to day wear as they are both neutral colours. I tend to do more with my eyes than my lips when it comes to make up.

I wear the Bourjois Paris - Shine 22 normally on nights out, I'll only put this on lightly as it is quite a heavy lipstick, you really dont need to layer it on. 

I sometimes mix the Rimmel London and Barry M lipsticks to create a deep burgundy colour, which I really do love. With it coming up to winter time I'm starting to get back into my darker lipstick shades. 

I think it's time I went shopping for some darker shades, I am tempted to try out some deeper red colours. I'm not after the bright red colours, being a red head I find it a bit difficult sometimes to wear certain shades of red on my lips. 

If anyone has any recommendations on autumnal shades for me I'd really appreciate it if you could comment below. I'm on the lookout myself for some as I want to start wearing more lipstick on a daily basis. 




  1. I love the one by Kate Moss. I really like your selection of lipsticks.


    1. Thankyou :)
      The Kate Moss range is one of my favourites if I'm on a budget



  2. Love the shine22 and the 156.



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