Sunday, 28 September 2014

Daily Posts

Hello Everyone!

Just so you are all aware, I will and am finding it difficult to post daily.
I am loving blogging, however, I feel that most people wont understand the reason why I can't do a daily blog. 

I have a full time job working 9-5 monday to friday, I dont get home until 6pm, I also go to the gym as well as spending time with my boyfriend and friends. So most of the time, I am no where near my laptop and I don't like blogging from my phone, I feel that I can't write with the same feelings as I can from when I am shut off from everything at home. 

I will try to blog as much as I can but I do find it difficult sometimes to keep this updated and I feel that people are put off when you don't blog daily. 

If I did a daily blog, the content would be no where as in depth as what I have started doing, which is not what I want to do. I want to keep the content full and interesting and I don't want to lose that by making sure I'm posting daily.

So, what are your thoughts?



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  1. Hi Sophie!
    I agree with you! I think that posting daily while keeping it look proffessional and having a great content can be done only if it's your daily job. And even than it is very difficult. All the good bloggers I follow don't post every day either but every other day or just put something short out there in between the bigger posts. Posting only because you want to post every day (costing quality) will maybe keep your "ungreatful" readers but it will not attract new ones. I also think (and agree with you) that blogging should be a passion, not obligation. The best reason to blog is to have fun with it, to express yourself and to write when you feel good about it! :)
    Have a great day!!
    xx, Marky

    P.S. Just an idea: Maybe you can make little notes during the day about all the idea's you get about the possible content for your blog. Then when you are at home, feeling comfortable to write about it, it will not cost that much time anymore and will not cost so much energy anymore because the "thinking part" is all done! :) x



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