Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Office hands

Hello everyone! 

For today's post I thought I'd do a little bit about what I have I my desk at work.


These two items are what I use daily when I'm at work.
Cuticura Anti-bacterial Hand Gel.
Vaseline - Healthy hands and stronger nails hand cream.

I have two bottles of cuticura, one in my handbag and one is left on my desk at work. I like having clean hands whilst working, especially as I eat at my desk (I do wash my hands by the way!). I just like how this makes my hands feel completly sanitised. It's passion flower and mango so of course it smells amazing! I really like using this product, its really helpful when you're out and about as they make little bottles which are perfect for your handbag!

The other product I use is the Vaseline - Healthy hands and stronger nails hand cream. I use this daily and have been using it since I started my new job in May. I feel that this product has done exactly what it says on the packaging. My nails are so much stronger now and my hands feel a lot softer. My skin on my hands is prone to cracking in the colder months so coming up to Winter I'll be using this even more to prevent my hands from getting dry.

If you've tried any products similar to these and think I should try them out leave a comment below!
To those of you who also work in an office, what are your staple products on your desk?



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