Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bourjois Paris: Healthy Mix foundation

Hello Everyone!

Wow two blog posts in one day! I am on fire tonight!

I thought I'd talk about my current favourite foundation! 
This is the Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix foundation it's for a healthy glow and flawless complexion it says that it gives you coverage for up to 16 hours. Normally this will last me from 8am when I apply it up to around 3pm. As I work in a small office where there are only 4 people who will see me regularly in there I'm not really that bothered that it wears off. I normally carry my pressed powder in my handbag so I can top myself up later on anyway! 

I bought this foundation in shade No 51 Light Vanilla, I'm quite pale with pink undertones so I find it quite difficult to find a foundation that will blend easily into my skin. With this foundation I've found it a bit easier to blend into my natural skin tone. For me its quite a light foundation that feels wet on your face for a while, but I've had this foundation for the past three months and to be honest, I'm used to it. 

This foundation is perfect if you're not expecting it to last all day, I think this would be fine if you're going out for a couple of hours but if you're wanting coverage all day long I'd stay clear! Most of the time I don't expect a foundation to last 16 hours anyway, I like my skin to be able to breathe and having foundation on for 16 hours straight does kind of scare me a little!

Overall I like using this foundation, however, once I have saved up a bit of money I will be making the swap to a MAC foundation. I've been eyeing them up for a while whenever I walk into Debenhams in my local shopping centre and I really want to try them out. I want to find a foundation that will match my natural skin tone without making me look like a bottle of fanta.

Do you have any suggestions on foundations for us girls who have very pale skin?



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