Friday, 10 October 2014

My desk

Hello Everyone!
I'm feeling a little bit better today, so I thought I'd do a post about my desk as I don't have the energy to do a massive post on individual items today. So sorry for that, but here you go...

I don't have a massive desk in my room, I have a huge three door wardrobe and a big framed bed which takes up the majority of space. My room is the garage conversion so even though there is a lot of space, there's not much room to put loads of furniture in it. I bought this desk from IKEA just over a year ago and it cost me around £30. It has a pull out drawer underneath the top of the desk and has a space at the back for cables to feed through which is perfect for my laptop.

I was bought this little Tinkerbell keyring charm 5 years ago, it only broke off of my keys last year and did not want to throw her away. So now she lives on my mirror. I think it's just a sweet little thing to remind me of my favourite place in the world: Disney (yes that includes Florida, Paris and California - although I'm still yet to go to the California one!)

This is my make up box that I use for everyday use, I have another one of these in a larger size which holds the rest of my makeup. I bought this from the range earlier this year for around £5. It's just so pretty and girly with the butterfly on the front and I love that it has a clasp too, it's just completely different from other people's makeup boxes'bags. That's why I love it so much.
Just to show you what my makeup box currently holds. I am going to do a seperate post on what is actually in it at the moment so I'm sorry but I'm going to keep you waiting on that one!

On the right I have all my favourite lipsticks and hand creams. If you want to see what Lipsticks these are then please click here. I will also do a post about my other hand creams too.

These are my Zoeva makeup brushes and my Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner.
All of my family and friends will know how much I love the Zoeva brushes range. They are by far my favourite brand of brushes. I've tried real techniques before but they just don't come close to Zoeva in my opinion. At the moment I really need to clean these brushes as they're kind of covered in make up at the moment - apologies to all the other beauty bloggers that currently want to kill me right now! I'll do another post on these brushes very soon!
The Elemis rehydrating toner is amazing, I've had this just over a year and use it to spritz on my face after cleansing and when I have a make up free day. It's very refreshing and makes my skin feel so good afterwards! I definitely recommend it. I bought it from my local Dove Spa after having a facial there, it was recommended to me by the beautician and before I bought it I was rather iffy, but now I'm so glad I bought it!


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