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Make up brushes

Hello Everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my desk(to see that post click here) and I showed you guys my Zoeva brushes. However, I didnt really get a chance to show them all to you. So I thought I'd do a little bit about these amazing brushes.

Apologies about the dirty brushes on this photo, I had taken this after I used them this morning! 
I never used to use makeup brushes and never really saw the point in them, that was until I saw a youtube tutorial that Zoella had created. She had mentioned these brushes a couple of times before, but after a while I got curious as to what the fuss was about. So I checked out the Zoeva website and had a browse at all of their products.

They are pricey but, I think that when it comes to brushes, you get what you pay for. The quality of these brushes is amazing and I can't fault it.

This is the set that I bought, the classic face set this costs 60.00 EUR*. I love this as, even though this  goes without saying, it has all you need for your face when applying makeup. You have a brush for; foundation, pressed powder, blusher, highlighter, stippling brush and concealer.
I bought this along with the brow line brush and the cream shader separately. 

This is the 322 Brow Line brush, I don't really use this much any more as I've made the swap from powder to an eyebrow pencil. This brush is perfect for doing your brow line as it has very short bristles that make filling in those brows very easy! If you're anything like me and struggle with doing your eyebrows then what more could you want? 

This is the 106 powder brush, I use this for my pressed powder. Its quite a wide brush and distributes the powder evenly over my face. I'm really happy with this brush as it's ridiculously soft and does exactly what I need it to.
106/ Powder - 12.80*

This is the 102/ Silk finish brush. If you've watched any of Zoella's makeup tutorials you'll more than likely see her using this for her foundation. It's a brilliant brush that allows the foundation to be smoothly applied onto your face giving a 'silk finish'. I use this in a buffing motion when putting foundation on and it's amazing. I love this brush, it really is the best for foundation, I have tried other branded foundation brushes and to me they don't compare to this.

The 127/ Luxe Sheer cheek, this another favourite used by Zoella. This is for your powder blusher. The angle on this brush is to help define your cheek bones. By blending in your blusher you can really get those cheeks to stand out using this brush. It's fantastic if you just want to add a little bit of colour to your cheeks as this brush is stupidly soft so when you apply powder lightly it gives a subtle colour to your cheek.

The 122/ Petite Stippling Brush. I use this for my cream blushers. This is fantastic for applying these blushers as it doesn't put too much product on the brush. Dabbing product onto my face using this gives my cheeks an instant glow, especially over winter I'll be using this to give myself the cold rosey red cheeks. 

The 142/ Concealer Buffer. This brush is so lovely to use for your concealer, I use this brush to cover my dark circles. The brush itself is small and soft, perfect for covering up those pesky imperfections!

The 105/ Luxe Highlight Brush.
I haven't really used this brush properly since I got the set as I still haven't found a highlighter that I like that's in my price range (oh the joys of being on an apprentice wage!) I can't wait to try this out properly when I do find a highlighter I like and can afford. 

The 233/ Cream Shader.
This brush is perfect for when I'm applying eye shadows. I recently bought the Bourjois Paris Colour edition 24h eye shadows that are a cream to powder eye shadow. I find it a lot easier to use this brush to apply these eye shadows than using my fingers like I normally would have. It's great for blending eye shadows to give a smokey look too. I'm so happy I bought this brush!

So those are currently the makeup brushes that I am using. I do plan to buy quite a few more, but for the time being I'm more than happy with these. 

Have you tried any Zoeva brushes?
Give me your recommendations for future purchases!



*Note that the prices are in euros as this is a German company and you do need to pay for shipping.

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