Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Hello everyone!

So as you will all be aware, I haven't posted on here for a little bit, as I said previously I'm a bit busy with work and seeing people. I do try to make an attempt to do blog posts, I have a few drafted out that I add to every few days but they're not ready to be published yet!

I'm not very well at the moment, I think I've come down with the flu. Brilliant!
So tonight will consist of Lemsips, Disney films and some chocolate.

I usually go to a burlesque class on a Wednesday night and I'm gutted that I don't feel well enough to go. I really love going to this dance class, I never used to feel comfortable in dance classes when I was younger, I always felt a bit out of place attempting to do hip hop etc. In Burlesque I feel completely different, I have this massive boost of confidence that I don't get anywhere else. I love it so much and the fact that it's helping me to tone up makes me love it even more!

I don't know if Burlesque classes are run all over the country, I only knew about this class from a friend of the dance teacher. If you do see an advert for this class I would definitely give it a try!



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