Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so Halloween was last night so I'm a little late in posting this but hey, better late than never right?
Usually for Halloween me and my friends go out for drinks and look all scary with blood all over us. This year however, was a little different. 
I mentioned in an earlier post that I attend burlesque classes, for the past four weeks we have been working on a Halloween routine - Micheal Jackson's Thriller. We were all in agreement that our last class in October would involve us dressing up and doing our make up. I chose to go for the masquerade look. 

I found this look by watching a halloween makeup tutorial - click here to watch
I had already seen a few of her other halloween tutorials - which are amazing, seriously. Check out her Mad Hatter Tutorial, it's absolutely brilliant.

For this look you will need - 
- Black eyeliner ( I used both a pencil and liquid to go over afterwards)
- Purple/Red Eyeshadow (or whichever colour you'd like to have as your mask)
- Black eyeshadow (for contouring and blending)
- Burgundy lipstick (the one I'm wearing is Rimmel's starry eyed lipstick)

This look is super easy to create and looks really effective. I got a lot of comments telling me that it looked really good. 

Here is the finished look for my burlesque class. I really enjoyed creating this look.
What did you create for halloween this year? 



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