Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Kylie Jenner lip

Hello Everyone!
So over the past month, I think? Everyone has been obsessing over Kylie Jenner's mysterious lips. Is it liner? Is it fillers? Either way everyone is pretty much loving them, me included!  Now normally I don't go past my normal lip line when doing my lipstick but the past few days I've been experimenting with it. I wanted my lips to look a bit bigger but not so much that I ended up looking like a clown. 
I haven't used lip liner for this look as I don't currently have a light enough lip liner :( it ran out just before September and I got into darker lipsticks. So lighter colours were sent to the back of my mind. Silly me!

For this look I am using the Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition in 04 Rose Tweed. It's sort of a nude pale pink/red. I think this is a perfect colour for this look, it's a matte lipstick with a bit of shine. It's also really smooth when you apply it.
Now you don't want to go too overboard when going over your lip line. The only girl I know who can pull this off is Miranda. I love her videos she makes me laugh so much.
So, for this look I literally went slightly above my lip line on my upper lip and made my cupid's bow a little bit bigger. On my lower lip I only went a tiny bit over my lip line as I think it would look terrible if I went over anymore! 

So there you go guys!
My version of the Kylie Jenner lip look!



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