Friday, 21 November 2014

Home Decor Hack - Tea Lights

Hello Everyone!

As we are now in the cooler months and the candles have made their appearance in our homes I've managed to dig out a gigantic box full of scented tea lights! Mmmmm!
I absolutely adore scented candles and I really am itching to get my hands on the Yankee Candle Christmas Collection. However, I've decided that it was about time that I used up at least some of my little tiny tea lights before investing in yet another candle. My Yankee Candle obsessed mind is telling me off right now for not buying any BUT my financial mind is thinking hold up lady! You need to use up what you already have first.

So, I've set myself a little challenge - Use up at least half of the tea lights and I can treat myself to a Yankee Candle.

The only problem with this is, I hate having tea lights just set on tables on their own. I like having candles in glass containers. I don't know why, I just like how they look. Yes, I'm slightly weird. So I've just managed to whittle down four glass contained candles. Two were from The Disney Store and two were from Glade. I cleaned them all out and removed the end of the wicks from all of them.

Once I had cleaned them out I removed the tea lights out of their foil containers and popped them into each glass.

By removing the original packaging you allow the wax to melt into the shape of the container, which will make sure that the wax will go down. Minimal clearing out for the next candle! 

These are the Imagination Winter Candle Glasses that I got for Christmas last year. I love these glasses as they're so pretty, they're slightly cloudy so they give a nice glow out of them when the candle is lit. When all my lights are out it also gives a nice shadow too. 

These are the Glad candles that I bought last Christmas, I kept the glasses because I thought they were really pretty and would come in use someday. They look so nice lit up and the colours and patterns on them are so christmassy it gets me all festive and happy.

I love how pretty they look in the dark and lit up. 

As an extra hack with the glade glasses, as they are quite wide containers you could chop up the candle wax and pop it around the original candle. 
So there you have a very quick but cute home decor hack to use up your old tea lights.



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