Saturday, 22 November 2014

Growing up

Hello Everyone!

You know the feeling when you do something fairly 'grown up'? Yeah well, I had a lot of that feeling today. Me and my boyfriend have been talking about it for the past month or so and we finally decided to have a look around. 
Okay so that sounded a bit cryptic... We decided to go have a look at some new build homes in our area today. 

I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 21, we've been together now for two years. About a month ago we had a chat about what we want in the next two/three years and the main thing was that we both wanted to have moved out of both of our parents houses. Seeing as neither of us know anything about buying a house we decided to book an appointment at a new development.

When we arrived at the development sales center we were greeted by a lovely sales representative who showed us around several show homes. She told us everything we needed to know and got us in touch with financial/mortgage advisors who talked us through the whole process of buying a house. The man we spoke to explained how much we would be able to borrow, how much our repayments would be and explained the help to buy scheme to us. 

We really liked the three bedroom houses that they had there,for us to own that we both need to be in a job which pays a little more than what we currently earn. This is so that we can live comfortably, paying bills off as well as being able to put money away into savings each month. 

So today we both felt rather grown up, finding out what we really want and making plans in order to get what we want. It was quite scary but it felt right doing it. It was an insight into what we could afford, I enjoyed looking around the show homes too, my god they're so pretty!

Sorry if this was a bit of a boring post for you guys but this has really excited me today. I absolutely love making big plans!




  1. This is such a big life moment! So exciting looking for real estate, especially with your significant other! Congrats on taking the first steps :)

    1. It was so scary when we pulled up at the sales building next to the show homes! Thankyou :-) I'm beyond excited for it.




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