Saturday, 29 November 2014

Toner - hydrate your skin

Hello Everyone!

So as it's now officially getting very cold, we really need to start looking after our skin. With the cold weather our skin will start to dry out very quickly and will be more prone to cracking. It's not good for your skin to be dehyrdated and when you try top cover it up with make up I think it looks worse as your foundation will stick to the dry patch and makes it stand out. It's important to keep dry skin under control in the cold months as it can make it worse and can make the problem 100x worse.
This is the Toner that I currently use. It's the Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner. I first bought this after having a facial at my local Dove Spa. My beautician used quite a few products on my face and I really loved how they made my face feel. So I bought three of the products which were; the cleanser, toner and a face balm. I have run out of the cleanser unfortunately but I will do a seperate post of the face balm as its an anti ageing product.

This product is available from most Dove Spa's and you can buy it online here at Feel Unique for £22.00.

I love this product so much, on the back of the bottle it says it 'effectively tones the skin, rebalances the pH level and preserves natural oils, without the use of alcohol or harsh detergents.' It really does hydrate your skin, you're meant to apply this using a cotton wool pad and dabbing it on your face but I usually just spritze it on my face and leave it to soak into my skin. 

I use this twice daily, in the morning before applying my makeup and I also use it in the evening after taking all my makeup off. It's great as a revitalising face spray. It feels so fresh when you spray it on your face and in the morning it helps me to wake up. It's like a little boost to get my face to wake up.

One more thing that I love about this product, well actually Elemis as a brand, is that they don't test any of their products on animals. This is really important to me as I know that animals haven't been harmed to make their products.



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