Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas Sparkle: Nails

Hello Everyone!

Coming up to the Christmas party time us girls like to get our glitter polishes out. I've just done my nails using the Loreal Paris Colour Riche in 836 over the top of the Barry M matte in 336 which I've used for my accent nail (I've used that so much the name of the colour has rubbed off!)

I know my nails aren't exactly perfect right now, I'm trying to strengthen them as they keep breaking off, then they're too short for me to try and shape. Trying to grow them first before shaping. Also my nail painting isn't exactly on point but I'm not a professional!

 So these are my favourite glitter/sparkle nail varnishes right now.
My top one is the Loreal Paris Colour Riche in 836 Scarlet Tinsel.

 Loreal Colour Riche - 836 Scarlet Tinsel - £4.99
I love this colour, its so pretty and gives a good amount of coverage over a base colour. I used a deep burgundy colour underneath. It also dries really well and fairly fast. It doesn't leave your nails feeling tacky or sticky even after leaving them to dry for 5/10 minutes.
This colour is a pretty pink, its has a light glitter to it so it's not so in your face as other glitter polishes. I like to use this for a little glitter for work. It's quite nice to have a little sparkle but not too much. It gives good coverage but needs two coats to give a good colour.

I like this polish as its a little different to the usual gold and red polish that you can wear over the party season. It's a nice colour and you will need two coats to get the full colour out of it. I'm not really too fussed about the texture of the nail polish as I go over all polish with a clear top coat.
I love a good gold glitter for an accent nail for nights out. Pair it with a matte black polish and your set for a perfect look! You'll need a couple of coats of this as it's not fully loaded with glitter there's quite a bit of clear polish to get through.

This colour is so pretty! It goes so well with a plain red polish and looks so christmassy I love it! Hello Festive nails! It gives really good coverage, you'll probably only need a single coat of it.

Barry M Nail Paint - Red Glitter - £2.99
Unfortunately I can't get a link for this polish through boots. I don't know if they've discontinued this colour but it is lovely. I like having this on for Christmas as obviously red is the signature colour for Christmas time!

So those are my favourite glitters for any Christmas parties/nights out!



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